Protecting Water Quality through Monitoring, Assessment and Education
Belarde Gaging Station


Lat.    37.305581º        Long.    -104.776216º        Elevation    7012

Located near the Belarde well downstream of Jarosa Canyon.

2. ACCESS    

This gaging station is located on private property and access must be granted by the landowner prior to visiting the site.  Take CR 43.7 west from Aguilar approximately 9.8 miles.  Turn south onto the access road to Pioneer’s Belarde well and pass through the locked gate until you reach the Apishapa River.  Turn right just before the river onto a two track road that will lead west across a field alongside the river, park at the access path to the river. The gaging station is located approximately fifty yards to the southwest.  


This station was installed on September 1, 2011 as a replacement station for the Nations gaging station.  It is located above all Pioneer CBM facilities in the Apishapa watershed and approximately 1.7 miles upstream of the Nations gaging station.  An In-Situ Aqua Troll 200, an in-stream staff gage, and Campbell Scientific CR850 datalogger and display are installed at this site.  Flow measurements, water quality samples, data downloads, and equipment maintenance are performed every other week, weather permitting. 

Belarde Gagin Station

Apishapa Watershed